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Sorry Mr Zuckerberg, I can’t seem to find my public right to reply?

Yesterday Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg posted this message up on the Facebook blog about what happens to the information people publish on Facebook. It’s entitled ‘On Facebook, People Own and Control Their Information.’ What get’s me is that Mark and co. admit to not having clearly communicated what the deal is here.

As anyone reading this will know, in blogland, readers can write comments which are then published beneath the post. But as Tom Watson MP points out on Twitter, not this time. I tried.

He says users own and control their information; Facebook wouldn’t want to do anything with personal information that users wouldn’t want but, as an analogy, says “there is no system today that enables me to share my email address with you and then simultaneously lets me control who you share it with and also lets you control what services you share it with.

“We still have work to do to communicate more clearly about these issues,” says Mark. Maybe that’s just because they haven’t worked out their policy on this yet (“We’re at an interesting point in the development of the open online world where these issues are being worked out. . . “) And with his millions, surely he could engage the world’s best writers/PR firms to do this? Hmmm – can’t inspire much confidence in Facebook’s 100 million users, can it?



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