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Twitter for journalists poll update

OK, OK so only 8 people have voted so far, but it’s a start. Here are the results so far of the poll I put together on LinkedIn asking if Twitter is useful for journalists.  Only yesterday it was neck and neck for responses ‘it saves time’ and ‘you can make good contacts’  Ooh, the excitement!

So, 12% say it provides news leads, 25% say it is not valuable at all, 25% say you can make good contacts and 37% say it saves time.

News miner Laura Oliver working over at Journalism.co.uk (see her blog), says she finds it “increasingly useful for news leads” although she writes about journalism and there are lots of journalists on Twitter. She also has lots of followers and followees. I don’t. I suppose like any social networking tool the longer your contacts list, the more you get out of it.




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