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Downing Street tecchies will need a strong leader

The Daily Fail has also picked up on Number 10’s boring tweets (‘DowningStreet’) in the context of the new post of Head of Digital Engagement for the UK Government, which is currently up for grabs. The successful candidate will have to ensure government is making the most of social networking and has been created ‘in recognition of the increase in the use of the internet, digital communities and social media.’ Like. . .derr.

With a salary of up to £160,000 a year, they reckon this is an example of a gravy train post. One Tory MP the journalist interviewed for the story said, not surprisingly: “It is a grotesque amount of public money to waste on a pointless job. It is absolutely obscene at a time when Britain is going through one of the most serious financial crises in its history.”

You can see his point, when Number 10 already has a team in place to deal with online communications and in light of the recession. But it’s certainly a worthwhile role, if not a little overpaid. It sounds as if Whitehall needs a good digital engagement leader after the mundane tweets I’ve been noticing coming from the Number 10 Twitter feed, apparently administered by three members of Downing Street’s digital communications team. When it comes to deflecting attention from the Mail, they’re not doing government any favours.

One other classic yawn-inducing post, apart from the tweet mentioned in a previous post on this blog, announced one of the team had made a snowman during the recent freezing weather. Come on guys! Tell us something interesting – you are the government, not my younger cousin!



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