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Teaching social networking + primary schools = preaching to the converted?

The news today that social networking is to be taught to primary school pupils instead of history sounds a bit sensationalist to me. How you teach glorified web surfing I don’t know. And anyway don’t the under 11s all know how to use social networking sites already?


News reports don’t delve much into detail (the news come from a leak to someone at the Guardian),  about how this will work in real life (if it

happens at all). The BBC coverage says the move would improve kids’ keyboard skills and pupils would learn two main periods of British history, but individual schools would decide which ones. So lets wait and see.

In the meantime though, it has yielded some good headlines:

Tech Crunch: “Please Sir, how do you re-tweet? – Twitter to be taught in UK primary schools”
Daily Mail (always good for headline): “Exit Winston Churchill, enter Twitter. Yes, it’s the new primary school curriculum…”

I’ll need to know more about what this means before I can write a proper post on it. A review of the primary school curriculum in England will be published next month. I’ll be tracking this news – back with more when I find out something more concrete.




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