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Future of lads’ mags uncertain

I’ve just listened to an interesting edition of Radio Four’s The Media Show about the demise of the lads’ mag. For anyone who missed it, in the UK in the 1990s, several magazines emerged aimed at men which became very very popular. They were defined mostly by boobs, fishing, boobs, cars and boobs. This raft of mags (for example Loaded, Maxim – due to cease publication in print ed format this week); was eventually defined as, according to the guests on the show, samey, dull and far from being examplars of fine quality journalism.

What is interesting is that according to one of the ‘experts’ invited on to the show highlighted that high-end “lad” mag GQ (Gentlemens’ Quarterly) has not suffered from flagging sales. In fact, the show’s guest Nicholas Coleridge, MD of Conde Naste said sales are as strong now as when the magazine began.

Good journalism survives fads.



2 thoughts on “Future of lads’ mags uncertain

  1. Ricky Gervais on the demise of printed newspapers question: http://bigthink.com/topics/media-and-the-press/ideas/ricky-gervais-on-the-death-of-print-newspapers . He just doesn’t know what the interviewer is talking about! It’s a video from ‘BigThink,’ a site which webcasts influential and eminent people from various fields on pertinent topics.

    Posted by melpoluck | May 5, 2009, 17:39


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