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Women in technology debate – and rethinking creativity

The debate is hotting up on women in the technology sector (the lack of ’em, specifically) on the TechCrunch blog following a panel session called ‘Just a girl – Balancing Tech Culture: Getting more women involved in tech startups,’ at the TechCrunch event ‘Geek ‘n’ Rolla’ last Tuesday. I particularly like napsterization.org editor Mary Hodder’s comments on this post about the session, calling for a different way of thinking about the issue:

“It’s really just a matter of rethinking how you do something,” says Hodder. “Like folding your hands together…notice one thumb is on top and that’s how you do it… comfortably. But if you redo it, with the other thumb on top, it feels weird for a second. But it’s not hard, and that’s about what is required here to get more women involved. Just rethinking, and getting muscle memory around the differences so they seem normal.”

That is such a neat analogy for changing the way we think about anything that needs a shake up. Also, it reminds us of the fact that our brains are a muscle which we need to exercise, but all too often we let our synapses and lobes go flabby by leaving them to do the equivalent of slobbing out in front of the telly.

In a nutshell, Hodder’s analogy is a basic description of the essence of creativity.




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