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Plaque prank at MP’s second home

I couldn’t resist adding this, though it’s not strictly within the remit of this blog. A prankster sticking a faux blue plaque on the Nunhead “second home” of ex-[first female] Home Secretary Jacqui Smith for which she claimed expenses inappropriately (and recently got found out, hence the “ex” before her job title). Blue Plaques are dedicated to deceased movers and shakers in any professional realm.

Thanks to whoever retweeted the link on Twitter from Milo Yiannopoulos, Telegraph blogger and Editor of conspiracy theory site Counterknowledge.com who found it on the Don’t Panic website, where it was posted courtesy of DPTV.

PS: Extra embarrassment points for the fact in 2008 her husband was found to be writing letters to newspapers praising the work of his wife, failing to disclose that he was her hubby and employee. As if coming out on TV and telling the nation you spent tax payers’ money on saucy films wasn’t cringeworthy enough.



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