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Do we need to teach social media?

A Masters (MSc) course has been launched at City University in London to teach social media. The implications of social media for campaigning and to enhance democratic engagement are fascinating, don’t get me wrong. The current  collection of MPs expense data carried out by the general public instigated by papers and broadcasters is a case in point. But is there really a need to set up a whole course for this at post-degree level on the subject?


The Information, Communication and Society (ICS) course has not yet opened, but when it does will include modules such as ‘ The information Society,’ ‘Information and Knowledge management’ and ‘Digital Information Technologies and Architectures.’

Also see my previous post on the suggestion  to use social media to teach school children topics such as history, covered widely in the national press. Hmm. That reminds me, I must check to see whether there has been any progress on that one. . .



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