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“Pocket internet” – I could do with some of that

A mobile wireless router to which up to five devices can be connected – this has to be  gadget of the year!

Photographer and picture editor “Gary the Gadget Guy” at Reuters in New Yoik, talks through how the unit works and how it benefits him in this video – ie, he can shoot photos, edit them on the camera screen, ftp it from another gadget to the MiFi unit and upload photos over the web on his iPhone. Pretty good. Pretty, pretty, pretty good as Larry David would say.

Verizon, the company which launched the device, charges $40 for 250 megabytes of data a month. Gary says for him, this could probably get quite expensive. But for anyone working outside or for those, like me, who work occasionally in wi-fi connected cafés and get tired of the ‘charger charge’ or for those who fear the moment has arrived that the barrista finally loses patience with you for only drinking one double latte in three hours, it’s a dream gadget.



3 thoughts on ““Pocket internet” – I could do with some of that

  1. You’re right, this may prove to be useful indeed;)

    Posted by stanmonday | August 12, 2009, 12:44

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