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Like a truffle pig in the woods – the hunt for blends.

not that kind of spork silly!

To help me gather new examples, I’ve started a hashtag thread on Twitter as part of my hunt for linguistic blends new and old.

A blend is an amalgamation of two words to create a new one. A Classic examples that springs to mind is ‘brunch.’  Others include Peter Andre’s seminal (ahem!) album from the 1990s ‘Insania;’ the more recent ‘Freakonomics‘ from Stephen Dubner and Steven Levitt book of the same name (I also heard more recently from the Wall Street Journal ‘Obamanomics’); and the more workaday ‘motel.’

So far I have received several examples including those from @Dan_Jellinek: ‘moobs’ (man + boobs); from @Bigfishysea: ‘spork’ (spoon+fork), my personal bete noir of blends ‘webinar’ (web + seminar) and an original blend, ‘shocks’ – shoes so comfy they feel like socks.


That’s the beauty of language, it’s in constant flux because people have been inventing new words and phrases to suit their needs since time immemorial.

To add to this repository please use the hashtag #blends on Twitter. My ID is @melpoluck.

And for a blendtastic (sorry, couldn’t resist) fable containing 75% blends and rising, come back soon. . .

spork family tree

Spork Family tree by Doug Savage via Adam Bradley



One thought on “Like a truffle pig in the woods – the hunt for blends.

  1. Fantabulous!

    Posted by Adam Bradley | November 21, 2009, 15:47

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