Communication strategy

“Thank you so much for your invaluable input into ideas for the tender project. We recently visited the company for a further presentation and have WON the project – and it will be a large one too! Thank you again for your essential contributions.” 

— Sandra Staufer, Creative Director, Nvisage, website design agency


I help organisations and companies devise communication strategy, which sets the foundation for how they are perceived by the world – or more importantly, how they will be perceived by customers, prospects and stakeholders. 

I provide this service for established as well as new organisations, companies and agencies  looking to redefine or improve the way they are seen and the way their services and products are portrayed. 

Put simply, a sound communications strategy will allow you to convey. . . :

  • what you do – ie which services or products you offer?
  • how you do it – ie what is your style? (dictated by factors such as target audience)
  • and why what you offer is better than the competition 

. . . in a way that will strike a chord with the audiences you want to reach.

What does this look like in real life?

A communications strategy ties together all the elements needed to create brilliant, cliché-free communication in the shape of: website copy, social media content, brochures, reports, press releases, marketing materials such as mailshot copy and sales sheets and well, anything that is used to convey the identity, products and services of an organisation or company in writing.

So, for example, a communication strategy may encompass :

  • pinning down a few key messages based on your major aims
  • setting the ‘tone of voice’ for all language to be used
  • providing ideas for a new name (for the organisation, business, product or service)
  • creating a strapline
  • defining a mission statement
  • working out elements of visual communication in tandem with designers

How do I do it?

By asking the right questions. And talking to you. A lot.

The approach

I’m keen on the ‘short and sweet’ jargon-free approach, rather than producing pages of eye-aching, head-breaking copy!

Please get in touch with me if you would like to discuss communication strategy for your company or organisation or if you have any questions about this service.



One thought on “Communication strategy

  1. New website page on my communications strategy service here: https://melpoluck.wordpress.com/communications-strategy/

    Posted by mel poluck (@melpoluck) | August 6, 2011, 14:48

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