“The website is live and looks great.  Thank you so much for all your help and also for your patience.  I know at one point our attention was turned elsewhere – such is the nature of SMEs – but thank you for keeping the show on the road.  It was great working with you, and I hope our paths cross again”.

 – Sonia Blizzard, Founder and Managing Director, Beaming, telecommunication company


“Your input to structure and narrative was excellent. We have remained faithful to those amendments and suggested improvements from you. What would have normally taken us days took us 40 minutes to get something we were both happy with. Thanks a million.”

– Steve Gallagher, Director, Block9, concept and production design


Copywriting – ¿que?

I write for organisations and businesses to ensure their products and services capture the attention of target audiences, creating copy which is hardworking, honest and able to sharply convey a message.

Let me break that down for you.

My goal is to provide copy to:

Convey the message:

I will talk to you about what you need until we have captured the essence of your message, style, tone and information about your product or service.

Step into the shoes of the reader:

Every word I write is shaped by target audiences, so I make it my business to get to know the ins and outs of the potential reader. How do I do this? By asking lots of questions of my client. If you don’t understand the organisation you work for, how can you communicate its story?

Work hard:

I write robust copy that will work hard ‘behind the scenes’ to do the job for you.

This means that text is always succinct – no more and no less words than absolutely necessary to encapsulate the facts and the tone of voice. Every word counts.

Be direct and honest:

I’ll craft copy for you that does “what it says on the tin,” but keeps on engaging readers until the end. Importantly, I don’t trot out the same old hackneyed phrases and jargon that some companies prefer and I find thorough research on your company and product or service helps a lot!

I also provide a copy editing and copy ‘refreshing’ services for online and offline communication materials. Please get in touch if you have a document that needs editing.

I provide lively and succinct copywriting and copy ‘refreshing’ for:

corporate case studies
social networking sites
e-learning/corporate video scripts
press releases
trends/research reports
‘bylined’ articles for senior staff
all PR materials

* I can also set up and maintain blogs on your behalf: please contact me to discuss

Clients include:

Department for Communities and Local Government, Local Digital campaign
Amadeus IT Group
, global travel technology
Nokia Siemens Networks global telecommunications
Accenture global IT consultancy and outsourcing
BT global telecommunications
Kwittken London (was Epoch PR)
, communications and forecasting
Gemalto global IT security firm
, publishing, events and think tank
Block9, stage and concept design
Unison, trade union

How I work.

I always:

1.  talk through clients’ needs (target audience, required tone of voice) throughout the entire process until they are
100% happy with the result

2.  come up with copy that is fresh and compelling

3.  submit work to deadline

Contact me to talk through your copywriting needs.

“So the writer who breeds more words than he needs, is making a chore for the reader who reads.”

Dr Seuss.



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