“It is a pleasure to work with you. Your work is always high quality and on time. Your personal style distinguishes your articles from those you find in all too many magazines. Our readers tell me they like your articles. Your input and recommendations are always constructive and right to the point. What else could one ask for?”

– Andreas Conze, Project Manager ARAB MEDICO magazine Quintessence Publishing, Berlin.

Below are some examples of my published editorial work. The list is not exhaustive, so please get in touch if you would like to see further examples.

Environmental sustainability

  • Feature on the use of thorium in nuclear power generation for The Times 
  • Feature on waste from the construction industry and related government policy, for the Guardian
  • Feature on reuse of building materials and launch of new Building Materials Resource Centres for Scottish magazine (see pages 14 and 15 of linked document) from the CRNS, Towards Zero
  • Feature on the UK’s original wood recycling project for self-titled ‘world’s leading environmental magazine,’ The Ecologist
  • Interview with Dr Robert Watson, chief Scientific Advisor to UK government department Defra for Low Carbon Innovation Network’s bulletin, the Low Carbon Innovation Bulletin 
  • Feature on geothermal energy developments in the UK for Cleantech magazine

“It’s often hard to get hold of quotes from hard-pressed local government professionals, but Mel always manages to search them out. Our magazines are enhanced by topical comment, put together in an effective and informative manner by Mel.”

– John Roberts, Editor, Institute of Revenues, Rating and Valuation magazines

Government IT


“Mel did some great journalism at a formative stage of the Low Carbon Bulletin, writing articles to constant deadlines and managing to coax interviews from visionary people, typically too busy to be interviewed!”

– John Neame, Managing Director, Enterprise Events Ltd


Human interest

  • Article on joke telling as a cultural preservative and form of oral history, for the Jewish Chronicle
  • Article on an allotment aimed at people with mental illness for Careline

If you would like to discuss commissioning an article, please get in touch.



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